My name is James Governale.  I’m a holistic health counselor, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.   Living and working in Brooklyn, New York to improve the qualitiy of life for myself and those around me through leading a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 

I work one on one with individual clients who want to improve their health through diet and lifestyle changes. I also mentor other wellness practitioners who are looking to overcome barriers in their own journey as health and wellness professionals.

Through my nourishment and mentoring programs I allow my clients to get fully engaged in the process. To renew their energy levels and achieve the success of living a fulfilling, richer life.

I do local workshops and monthly Teleconferences on wellness, mindfulness and garnering skills for personal development. I supply the content of these events as digital downloads and e-books for anyone interested to purchase, here.

I’m the author of the blog Nutrition Addict which serves as a vehicle for me to share my personal interpretations of nutritition, addiction, awareness, behavior and all that’s in between.  Read on!

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