New Decade

January 3, 2010

New Year – New Decade – 2010 – New You!

We are entering a new decade – what are you going to do with it?

Whether or not you are one for new year’s resolutions, you can’t deny the fact that 2010 has such a nice ring to it.  It sounds like a bold year that has lots of possibilities.  So whether you’re able to project as far out as 10 years from now, you may still have some idea bubbles popping up from your head about what the future may bring.

So what are you setting out to do in these coming years?  Do have some long-term goals?  Are you ready to plan and see them actualize before you?  If so, you may consider looking that far ahead.  Where would you like to see yourself in 5, 1o years from now?  How can you become a healthier, happier person?  How palpable is that picture for you?

Let me tell you, no matter what state you are at this point in time, with clear intent and focus, you can begin to make steps toward the goals you set out in the future.  As the vision forms and you gain access to the resources you need, you will be able to create some deliberate change in your life.  And yes, you must commit to taking action.

As you define your vision, you will see the path lay itself out before you with every step you take.  So what is your vision for yourself?  Even better, what is a step you can take right now to bring you closer to it?

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