Your Condition

November 15, 2009

What’s your condition? Do you have a condition? … several conditions?

Do you have an illness, a diagnosis, a disorder, a disease?  Do you feel afflicted?  It’s highly probable to say that most everyone deals with some type of affliction. Let’s call them conditions for the sake of this conversation. My father has a condition called diabetes. He also has a condition called high blood pressure. He lives with these conditions. I have a friend who has bouts with depression, she also has anxiety about her career. She lives with these conditions.

The question then becomes, does one simply accept these conditions or do they find solutions to alleviate them? If the choice is to alleviate, then a good place to begin to resolve it is within your own mind. Yes, your thoughts about your condition can play a huge effect on whether or not the condition persists. It can quite possibly contribute to it progressing, or even getting worse. What if you can make the conscious effort to turn things in another direction – to resolve it?

Often, in modern day society, people are diagnosed or labeled with a disease or disorder by someone else – a doctor, a psychologist, a health practitioner. This helps clarify the condition. The terms used are most beneficial to the diagnoser. They use them to classify and treat accordingly. But are these terms beneficial to those given the diagnosis? I guess one can simply ask themselves, “how does it feel to continually state that I have an illness or disease?” My suggestion would be, if it feels good to state this, then continue to do so. If such statements do not feel good, and lead you to stress or worry, then how about calling it something different.

This is not to undermine the importance or intensity of what you are experiencing. It is still classified as what it is – diabetes, high blood pressure, dpression, anxiety, etc. The point is how can you frame this information in a way that it does not interfere with how you function in the world. Is there a way to look at your condition so that it would not hinder your future health and success. This way, as you address whatever physical symptoms you have, your thoughts can help propell your progress.

So can you do it? Can you think of a way to reframe your health concerns to match what you prefer the outcome to be, rather than narrate what you have been diagnosed at this given time. Try it! See if you begin to feel better over time.  Also, try to find someone who you would like to discuss this outlook – to keep the momentum going!

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