Seeking Support

July 7, 2009

I just graduated from another wonderful program!  An Immersion Program.
Immersion into the work I choose to do and the person I choose to be. It was a year-long program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It allowed me to attend conferences and tele-classes to deepen my health counseling skills, while giving me the opportunity to mentor new students throughout their training to become certified health counselors. It has been an amazing journey.

So what does that have to do with seeking support, you ask. Well, it’s because I could have never succeeded in this program if I didn’t have the support of my peers, friends and family.  And yes my own mentor and health counselor. I am not embarrassed to admit that I could not have done this alone. At least not the way it all turned out. With me feeling whole, and connected, and nurtured.

Yes, I give myself create for staying focused and responsible, and for meeting all the commitments that I was given. But within a years time, many twists and turns can come up – life happens – and challenges are faced. It is at those times, when we need to reach beyond our own capabilities and rely on those around us. I am most proud of having done this. To have reached out to others when I needed additional support. And the support was there.

It didn’t always come at the exact moment, or in the way that I thought it “should,” but with a little time, a little faith, and a lot of breathing – soon there would be someone there. To hear me out, or to give a needed suggestion, or a hug, or to simply provide the space for me to be. And witness what I was going through at that moment.

I could list a string of events and occurrences that happened to me throughout this year in which I could have felt short-changed, or that the universe was treating me (or my loved ones) unfairly. But I instead choose to take this time now to be grateful for all the people who have touched my life and who have allowed me to arrive to yet another beautiful place. I see even more clearly now, and it was through seeking support.

I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to speak at my graduation ceremony. It was only a couple of minutes and I thought of so many different things to say. I thought, what nugget of wisdom can I share with my peers that I learned that I would love for them to take away. And as I looked out at the 200+ radiant faces, all I could think of was how together as a group we allowed the best of ourselves to surface. And we encouraged each other, and touched the lives of everyone our lives touch. We created a ripple effect.

It was so profound and apparant to me that we all have the power to be much more than individuals. It starts there, taking care of ourselves. But as we reach out to others, it can multiply. It maximizes our experience. It allows us to give of ourselves and for others to give back, and even more can witness and share the joy. It is endless.

I must admit, I can hardly remember the specific words I said, but the moment was clear. It wasn’t just me standing there speaking, it was a united voice. One that I could never have learned if I hadn’t reached out to those around me. So many wonderful, beautiful people experiencing life with me. And soon it became seamless for me to be there for them too. A sweet exchange, that I will continue. If you read this, reach out to someone too. The support you seek will be there.

One Response to “Seeking Support”

  1. James, what a lovely blog, you are such an inspiration to me. I think about how you have asked me more questions to deepen my plans and thoughts and to have you there giving me my notebook on graduation weekend, I wish I would have been able to give you a hug. You have touched my world through what you do.


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