Transition Stages

June 10, 2009

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a little synopsis of my Teleconference from the other night.  The call was about Strategies for Successful Life Transitions.  During the call I reviewed the 4 stages for involved in successfully navigating life transitions and I wanted to post here too.  These stages have been the basis for previous Teleconferences and make up integral chaptes in my upcoming e-book.  Enjoy!

The 4 Stages to successfully navigate life transitions:

1) Know Yourself

This stage’s primary purpose is to enable you to have a clear identification with where you are at any given moment. Think of the saying “How can you get where you’re wanting to go, when you don’t know where you’re starting from.” This stage helps you to clarify “who you are” as you engage in your life transition. Through exercises such as creating Affirmations, you will develop a stonger focus in knowing yourself. A concern of this stage is to bring yourself “in the now” with who you are today, in clearing up past impressions by learning the art of making Acknowledgements. Through the Acknowledgement technique you can make any previous experience a positive attribute to who you are now.  Another concern of this stage is bring closer in mind future Accomplishments you will you make, and qualities you possess to achieve them.  Learn a wonderful Assessment tool that you can have in your “tool box” whenever you need it

2) Understand Your Mission

Once you can clearly define who you are and where you’re at, this stage helps you navigate where you would like to go. You will explore questions like, “What’s the larger goal you’re setting out to achieve?” and “What mission is driving you?” Here you will explore the resources available to you to determine which over-riding purpose can keep you moving forward. This stage reviews Visualization techniques that keep the goal in sight, without getting lost in it. You will learn techniques on how to to put your level of influence in perspective with your level of concern, allowing you to create your own stride to your goal.

3) Resolve Emotional Contrast

This stage addresses any discord that might arise within you during your process. During transitions, there’s inherent contrast of emotions that will arise in the idividual (also referred to as “inner conflict”). This stage explores various techniques that the individual finds compatible to use in resolving emotional contrast. Exploring concepts, such as those highlighted through the law of attraction, you will learn how to bridge the gap between any discord you are feeling. Techniques for this stage will bring you closer to the emotions that are aligned to your goal/mission, contributing to progress within your transition to take action.

4) Take Action

Having completed the previous stages, you will be ready to take action and make achievements associated with your transition. You will take a step by step approach that will break down tasks in order to give you a clear plan of action that is measurable and progresses you furhter into your transition. You will learn tips to get organized and build a strong foundation to meet objectives that will bring momentum and confidence to your exeperience. You will interpret the feedback from your actions and understand the value in resolving emotional contrast before you act, as opposed to only after. The terms “objectives” and “goals” are defined furhter in this step to solidify your ability to produce that which you have already manifested in your mind.

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