Millet Surprise

May 21, 2009

Okay, I’ve been talking a lot about our relationship with food, and every now and then I like to bring it back to the actual food.  So what am I eating these days.  A few months back I fell in love with a little grain called millet.  And since making it a weekly staple of my diet, there has been no turning back.  I love millet!

Millet is a great food source in arid areas of the world, and predominantly produced in India.  Some cultures use millet to make millet flour or millet porridge.  It can be eaten sweet (with milk and sugar added at the end of cooking process) or savory with a variety of vegetables to create stews or stir-fry (or with meat, if preferred).  It is basically just a simple food to add some density to a meal.  It’s also a good source of iron and protein.  It’s protein content is similar to that of wheat, while millet contains no gluten.

Cooking millet is fun.  You take a cup of the tiny little modular grains and place them in a pan.  Under a light flame you toast them as you boil a pot of water (2 or 2 1/2 cups to every cup of millet).  Once the water boils and the millet is toasted to your liking (producing a lovely popcorn aroma), you pour the millet into the pot.  Then you turn the flame to simmer, and for about 20 minutes you let the millet cook.  As you occasionally stir, you will see the water disappear and the millet expand.

The beauty is, millet yields a lot of food.  And you can add more water and cook for longer to make it creamier like a porridge.  I tend to like my millet more lumpy, almost like the consistency of sticky rice.  So, when the first run of water is gone, I spoon all my millet out on to a plate and let it cool.

While the millet is cooking I chop up a bunch of veggies – that’s the surprise – and saute them in the pan.  I usually add eggplant (1/2), lightly boiled broccoli, a red pepper, a green pepper, a tomato.   Then I can add a sauce or broth, and any additional flavors and spices.  As the veggies are soaking it all up I add the millet (that has been sitting on the side like adobe)  I stir it all together for a few minutes, and then, just like that I got a Millet Surprise.

It’s a very easy meal to cook.  And just one cup of millet, plus the vegetables mentioned, will easily serve 4 people.  And if you’re eating it alone, there’s room for seconds plus leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  It’s filling and hearthy, with lots of nutrients and it won’t put you in a coma afterward.  Try it, you’ll see 🙂

Primary Food

May 15, 2009


Passing On

May 8, 2009

This post isn’t about Nutrition. It’s not about addiction. It’s about the passing of a dear friend.

I tried to focus my thoughts on writing about something pertaining to the blog and then I realized I didn’t have to. It was okay to just post about what I was experiencing. On May 6th, my friend Gina passed on, after her bout with breast cancer. I hadn’t seen her in years and was unaware of her condition, but from what I hear from her friends and family, she continued to live her life in the best spirit she could.

When you think about it that’s all any of can do. Regardless of what health concern, gets thrown our way, we can always choose to be strong in our spirit and do our best. We all have conditions, we all have weaknesses, and we all have will. This week it has taken much of my will to stay focused and be strong. For myself, for my mourning friends, for my own dad who had surgery in the hospital this week. It is the best I can do.

The best I can do to string along some sentences to remain committed to this blog that I love to share. Will today’s entry give any enlightenment to how the body and mind works in regards to nutrition. No. But hopefully it will remind us that there is always something bigger than us going on. And that when we feel small, or we feel sad or helpless, that it will push us along and give us enough motion to once again incite will.

I have. I conjurred up some will. To honor my friend. To honor her passing. To honor myself. And to once again be assured that my work matters.