February 25, 2009

Have you ever noticed that certain foods have a positive reaction for you? And that others do not.

Or how the same foods that work well with you, may not work so well with someone else. This is what is called bio-individuality. The concept that each person has genetically determined and highly individualistic nutritional requirements. While this concept may sound plausible to most when brought up, it is still a largely ignored concept amongst mainstream theories.

Why is that? Well, if you believe that food manufacturing has become big business, then you understand why it would be to their disadvantage to promote such a theory as bio-individuality. If indeed a person’s nutritional requirements are individualistic, then why do the food manufacturers provide one-size-fits-all solutions to the masses. The same can be said for the government in regard to promoting nutritional education, like the food pyramid, or medical institutions who prescribe generic drugs for health-related conditions.

It can be argued that it couldn’t possibly be brought down to the individual, in terms of what consists of a nutritious diet. Well, yes – probably not from the perspective of these external entities that impose their influences. There comes a point when the individual takes over the education and the solution making. By experimenting with ones diet to see which foods have the maximal effect on their bodies.

So this is what I encourage. Take a moment to consider this.

Think of the things that constitute YOUR bio-individuality. Your age, your gender, your ancestry. What bearing does this have on your personal nutritional needs. For example, have you taken into account that there are some ancestries that can assimilate certain foods more efficiently than others. What about your blood-type, or your metabolism. For example, do you realize that your metabolic rate is useful when gauging the quantity of food your digestive systen can process.

So why are things marketed to us as if one thing will work for all?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it. Well, someones making millions of dollars. Ah, right. Joking aside, I think each of us can find answers as to why food consumption is perceived the way it is. Maybe a more important question to ask is: How can I make that information work for ME. Often many of these marketed products have some valuable information to them. Perhaps it could be a good starting point for you to find some nutritional facts and biological commonalities to how your system processes food.

From there you can then learn to break down what has been said and apply things specifically to you, based on your individual make-up. You can seek guidance, but remember it comes down to you being the expert on you. For there is no denying that you are an individual. And fortunately, you are not alone.

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