Nutrition. Addict.

February 2, 2009

Addiction.  A pretty strong word.  Addict.  Even stronger of a word.

These words are being used more and more as years pass.  No longer a psychological term, but a welcome part of mainstream vernacular.  So much so, that when a 5-year old says “that’s so addicting” we smile and think “aw, how cute.”  Yet quite often ‘addiction’ and all its variants are met with a negative connotation.  Often used to explain one’s extreme relationship with something external.  Some object of desire: food, alchohol, drugs, coffee, a person, sports, video games, blackberry? You name it.  Facebook, anyone?

Ever wonder what this is all about.  What the allure is?  Do these things have a hold on you?  Or do you actually have some control over them.  Do we give up control, or do these forces actually have a power of their own?  Well, I can vouch for having much experience in trying to figure this out.  At times, detrimental to my own heatlh, and at others, right in line with living a completely healthful life.  So where do you stand?  How do you weigh these concepts and ideas.  There’s a plethora of great literature out there to help make sense of it all (some of which I’ll be discussing in future blogs)  But how do you sift through it all and make it applicable to your own personal balance?  Before you contemplate that, lets move on to my latest addiction:

Nutrition.  Another strong word.  Yet not as potent.  Not as alluring.  Why not?

I believe that is changing.  Over the years I have noticed myself and others becoming more and more drawn to nutrition.  What is it exactly?  You can ask a number of individuals to define nutrition and you will find a different answer from each.  What one views as nutrition is expanding.  More and more we are pressed to view nutrition holistically.  Nutrition has gone beyond simply meeting a physical need.  That makes it’s value skyrocket in terms of perceived benefits.  To think that it is possible to engage in actions that not only provide instant gratification, but reap greater rewards in the future.  Now that sounds like an addicts ultimate draw.  So what’s stopping everyone?

This is what I intend to discuss in this blog.  How our current thoughts are changing regarding such concepts.  I’m looking forward to sharing my perspectives on nutrition and addiction, and the bearing each of them have on how we function in society.  I plan to share some of the resources I’ve come upon to help me explore how to make these concepts more applicable to everyday life.  And in turn, you can draw your own conclusions.  We can explore this together.  I believe this blog will enhance my understanding of what I’ve come to know and experience.  My interest in nutrition and addiction continues to grow, so much so that I can safely say: I’m a nutrition addict. 

If you’re a nutrition addict too, or would like to know more about it.  Continue to check into the blog for more.  Till then, peace, James

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